Reasons Your Site Needs an HTTPS with SSL Certificates

HTTPS with SSL Certificates Are Becoming the Norm

Reasons Your Site Needs an HTTPS with SSL CertificatesHTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a common term that you usually see on your browser when visiting a website. The seemingly obsolete HTTP is now being replaced with HTTPS with SSL certificates. The term SSL may appear new to you, but did you know that it was already existing in the ’90s?

So what makes HTTPS different from the regular HTTP anyway? Is it even worth getting an SSL certificate for your website? In this article, we will discuss the reasons why having HTTPS with SSL certificates is becoming more of a necessity rather than an option.


Guaranteed Security

The Internet is just as wild as the world we live in. Just as we have the usual culprits like thieves and criminals in the real world, the Internet isn’t much of a safe haven as well, with hackers lurking around. However, you can prevent this by having HTTPS with SSL certificates.

HTTPS basically encodes information between the users’ device and the website they are visiting. This encrypted information is jumbled, rendering it virtually indecipherable. This is indispensable when you’re entering personal and sensitive details like password and credit card info.

Hackers are also notorious for intercepting communications between users and website owners. Commonly known as man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, this action may lead to users downloading malicious programs into their computer.

By replacing your HTTP website, cybercriminals would be having a hard time getting through your new HTTPS site.


Chrome’s Standard Procedure

In 2018, Google Chrome considers HTTPS as the standard model for websites instead of HTTP. The latter is considered non-secure, which is why Chrome can prompt users with a warning message upon their visit. Further, Chrome has labelled encrypted pages with a padlock and displayed green “Secure” message on sites labelled as HTTPS with SSL certificates.

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You have to take note that the majority of Internet users prefer Chrome as their browser because they are very secure. Most of your viewers are likely part of this majority. If you want to win their trust, having an SSL certificate is the practical thing to do.


Better SEO, Google Ranking, and Site Speed

The Google search engine is a competitive arena for websites; they will do everything to reach that coveted first-page spot. Mastering the art and science of SEO might be an edge, but it’s not enough. If you observe carefully, you’ll see what these top-ranking sites have in common – they are all HTTPS.

As stated, Google acknowledges HTTPS with SSL certificates as safe for users to enter. As a result, this Secure status increases their rankings as well. There is no point in visiting a non-secure site even if it’s on Google’s top page anyway.

With an SSL Certificate, not only you convince readers, but search engines as well. Effectively, you’ll win more readers, and gain more points in Google’s book.

HTTPS slowing your loading speed is just a myth. It’s actually the opposite. Your pages run faster, leading to increased performance.


Upgrade into TLS

If you think that’s all there is when it comes to SSL certificates, then brace yourself. It’s about to get even better with the Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Sure, SSL will provide you with the best security there is. However, with TLS, you’ll get stronger encrypting, more systematic authentications, newer systems, and improved key generations. These verifications appear before relaying any data, which makes the entire process speedier than ever.

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This only means that HTTPS with SSL certificates are future proof, and the changes that occur are truly groundbreaking.

HTTPS with SSL Certificates Are Becoming the Norm


Knowing More About SSL Certificates

When you look at it, there are virtually no drawbacks in getting HTTPS with SSL certificates. It’s affordable too, so there’s no need to worry about spending a fortune in marking your online footprint. The only thing we think of as slightly repulsive is that the process is quite intimidating and complicated. You can resolve this issue by working with an experienced developer to help you out. We at IT Solution would take care of the technical stuff for you.

If you want to learn more about SSL certificates, click here.

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