Types of SSL Certificates you might Need

Types of SSL Certificates you might Need

Can SSL Certificates Boost a Site’s Rank?

Even though most businesses have gone online and ensure their payment portals are secure, consumers will always be concerned about security breaches. Faulty security has lead to bankruptcies and credit card theft bringing even giant brands to their knees. That’s because without consumer confidence that comes from a secure portal, even a potential sale can come screeching to a halt.

This is where our services for SSL certificates can benefit you. Think of them as certificates testifying that your website is safe from external threats and breaches. But which ones should you get? The following are some of the main ones you should consider purchasing:


EV or Extended Validation SSL Certificates

This is where the CA or the Certificate Authority analyzes the right of the applicant to utilize a specific domain name besides conducting a thorough investigation of an enterprise. The issuance of this certificate is clearly defined in the EV Guidelines which also specify the steps needed for a CA which include verifying:

  • The physical, operational and legal presence of the enterprise
  • The identity of the enterprise and if it matches current official records
  • The entity has legal and exclusive rights to use the domain as specified in the certificate
  • The entity has proper authorization regarding the issuance of the certificate.

EV SSL Certificates can be availed by all kinds of businesses regardless of industry. It also has to be audited according to another set of exclusive guidelines before it can be issued successfully. These are conducted on a yearly basis to preserve the integrity of the certificate and thus the entity’s credibility as a secure portal.

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OV or Organization Validated SSL Certificates

OV or Organization Validated SSL Certificate testifies to the ownership of a domain along with the name and exact location of the entity that owns it. The process of validation is quite similar to a domain validated certificate but you will need to provide additional documentation to verify the identity of your business. This can take as less as a few hours to as long as a few days due to the validation process. This information is mentioned on the certificate details and accessible by users.


Domain Validated SSL Certificates

As the name implies, a Domain Validated certificate validates or testifies that the domain you purchased has been registered a person who has admin rights and is aware of/approves the request of the certificate. The proves is typically conducted via email or DNS in which the owner is asked to prove his/her admin rights with an email that is to be received and sent to an admin email for the domain. Besides this, the owner can also configure some DNS records for the domain. This can take a few minutes to an hour depending on the process chosen.

Regardless of which one you choose, if the SSL certificate is deemed valid and is also signed by a trusted authority, the browsers confirm a secured HTTPS connection.


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