Why Should You Renew Your SSL Certificate Before It Expires?

Why Should You Renew Your SSL Certificate Before It Expires?

Why Should You Renew Your SSL Certificate Before It ExpiresSSL certificate binds the domain name, server name and the host. These are small data files that have the company’s name and the location and this certification is basically used to secure the transactions of the credit card, the login credentials and it also secures the browsing norms of social media sites. Thus, it becomes important to renew your SSL certificate from time to time.

Always buy the SSL certificate that provides authentic certificate so that you can eliminate the risk of hacking and provide security to the website. There are different types of SSL certificate such as:

  1. Extended Validation SSL Certificate
  2. Organizational Validated SSL Certificate
  3. Domain Validated SSL Certificate

With so many agencies and types of SSL Certificates, choosing the right certificate authority for SSL is a challenging task. Comodo SSL Certificates is the most reliable certificate services to encrypt your website. Comodo SSL Certificate has made it easy to get a Domain Validation Certificate, which is a basic certificate for SSL. Picking up a right certificate which meets your needs and the certificate provides the right feature for your business to make business online.

Google Chrome is coming up with security indicator for all the websites, hence it will become important for all the websites to get an HTTPS certification to establish security amongst the viewers.


Benefits of Renewing SSL Certificate

SSL certificate has become one of the most important certificates to protect the sensitive information of the person and following are the benefits of renew your SSL certificate.

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We need SSL certificates for:

  • To keep data security
  • Ranks your website on Google.
  • Builds customer trust

SSL certification can protect all your information such as credit card details, user ids and passwords. It encrypts all the information that can be only read by the recipient. Without SSL certification, the world of internet would become an open place where anyone can access your passwords, bank details, credit card transactions, and any other personal information. Renew your SSL certification keeps the hackers and thieves away.

SSL Certificate establishes trust amongst your customers by showing the lock icon or the green bar which ensures that your internet connection is good. Such activities can potentially turn the viewer into a customer.

In order to comply with the payment card industry, it is mandatory to have the SSL certificate.

These benefits of SSL certification can be fully applied when you keep renewing the certificate before it expires, as there are many audit checks that one must go through to obtain SSL certificate. To renew your SSL certificate can be renewed upto 90 days from the expiry date of the current SSL certificate.


What happens when you do not renew your SSL certificate

At times, you may forget to renew your SSL certificate due to urgent meetings, personal reasons and the list goes on. Since, SSL certificate encrypts the information that passes through the internet, hence it is important not to skip the renewal of the SSL certificate. If you are into retail business, it is important that you must not let your SSL certificate lapse. In case, the SSL certificate expires then your website is marked unsecured and are blocked by the internet browsers, as a result, you can lose your potential customers.

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Such warnings of security can lead to a loss of visitors coming to your website. If you are into encryption and authentication, then the expiration of the SSL certificate can be disastrous for your business.


Why do SSL Certificate expire?

Every certificate is valid for a certain period of time, so does SSL Certificate. It is because SSL certificate are used to authenticate the servers. The validity of the certificate is an important feature of SSL certificate so that the data is secure and there is no chance that any certification authority is playing a bluff with you…

Expiration allows the certification authorities to recheck the details and also to understand the validity of the domain name. SSL certificates expire within a year, unlike passports which expires after a decade. This short span of validity hence become serves the data security purpose so that the website is kept up to date and duplication of the website can be prevented.

Earlier the expiration of the SSL certificate was set up to 5 years, but now it has been limited to three years. However, the shorter the expiry period, the better it is to maintain the data security of the website.

The certification authority is responsible for setting the best practices for SSL certifications. It is important to renew your SSL certificate so that the information in the certification is accurate and it proves your customer that you own the ownership of the domain and having the security updates intact.

SSL certification is an important feature to maintain the server authentication and to encrypt all the data. With many certification authorities available, it is important to get SSL certificate from a reliable service provider. Without renewing your SSL certificate, you cannot establish the trust that you must already have because the renewal of SSL certificate establishes trust in the customers that the website is secure.

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