Can You Afford Downtime?

Can You Afford Downtime?

If you own your own business, there is one word that could send you into a frenzied panic when it comes to your website – down time. Downtime is when a website outage occurs on the website for a period of time, which is usually the result of a system that has failed to function properly or it could be due to a routine maintenance on the website that needs to take place. Either way, there is only one way to describe a website down time in two words – not good.


Can My Website Afford It?Can You Afford Downtime?

The short answer to this is no. No matter how big or small your business may be, no business can afford to have downtime, especially one that occurs over a prolonged period. Experiencing downtime is like closing the door to your customers, and the damage and loss that can be experienced from that could be monumental for businesses who need to turn a profit every day in order to stay in business.


Here is what happens when your company goes through downtime:

  • You risk losing valuable sales. If a customer urgently needed something, only to go to your website and find that it is offline at the moment, they will just as quickly and easily turn away to another website and deliver their business there. Your competition gains from your loss.
  • Your customers become dissatisfied if a website seems to be experiencing more downtime that it does being in working condition online. Eventually, they may be so completely put off by your website that they don’t even bother going to it anymore and instead, choose to go directly to your competition.
  • Downtime affects productivity, because when your website goes offline, it causes a ripple effect where there is an immediate halt in both internal and external communication. Everything in fact, not just the emails, comes to a complete standstill when a website is offline. Customers are unable to access orders, businesses are not able to track inventory and respond to customers queries, basically, you are not able to get anything done.
  • Experiencing downtime also means you risk losing valuable data. For example, if your website was attacked by a virus, it could wreak complete havoc and potentially wipe out all of your company’s valuable information, information that – unless backed up – possible cannot be recovered any longer. You put your client’s security as risk too when this happens because vital information could be stolen, and not only will you have to deal with loss of data on your hands, but also loss of customers who may never return to you ever again.
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And that is why there is no business – big or small – that can afford downtime of any sort on their website. What businesses can do is to be prepared before this happens and constantly and proactively keep monitoring their websites and networks every day to ensure everything is running in optimum condition. And if there is a problem? Fix is as quickly as you can before it gets big enough to do too much damage.

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