How to Increase Your Google Drive Storage Through G Suite

A Step by Step Guide for You to Increase Your Google Drive Storage With the Help of G Suite

How to Increase Your Google Drive Storage Through G SuiteToday we give you a detailed instruction on what you can do to increase your Google Drive Storage with G Suite.

For the basics, we see many people confused between G Suite and Google Drive. To clear the air, G Suite is the collection of services that Google provides, and Google Drive is a part of it.

The G-Suite consists of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google Forms, Hangouts, Calendar, Vault, Keep, and many more. Now, another question arises.

Google provides free services. Does this mean that everyone with a Google account has a G Suite?

Well, no. G Suite is a select purchase that provides you with special features within Google. For example, increased drive storage, personal domain for emails, etc.

For example, users initially only get 15 GB Default Storage space for their Google Account. This means you can neither keep receiving emails nor create Docs or sheets if what you have in your Drive is already more than 15 GigaBytes. With G Suite Basic, you can increase it to 30 GB.

So, G Suite is a way of increasing what you can do with your Google Account. You can buy it through Google’s official website. The first plan is the Basic plan, which gives you 30 GB of storage space. For this, you will need to pay $6 per month (depends on when you are reading this article).

Well, here are the ways you can increase your Google drive storage as a business house with the G Suite.

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G Suite Drive Storage Purchase: Three Options

After the purchase of the Basic plan, you have three options for increasing your Google Drive Storage.

  • Upgrade G Suite Plan (Business or Enterprise)
  • Add Storage Licenses to the Admin Console
  • If You Are Running a Business, Let Users Buy Their Own Storage Space

Upgrade G Suite Plan

The first thing you can do to increase your Google drive storage is upgrading your G Suite Plan. You have two options: Business and Enterprise.


This one is for small businesses. The cost is $12 per month, and we will need to say, the storage benefit worth the money.

Your business gets unlimited cloud storage. However, if there are four or fewer users, each gets 1 TB storage. Apart from memory, there are other features as well. This includes Alert centre, Data regions eDiscovery, and Audit reports.


Another one is the enterprise plan. It costs $25. In terms of storage, there are no upgrades from the Business plan. Unlimited cloud storage and 1 TB storage for 4 or fewer users- there is no difference between the previous one and this.

However, there are more enhanced features on the Enterprise plan. You get ‘Premium Cloud Identity,’ security centre, data loss prevention, Hosted S/MIME, etc. which were not available on the Business plan.

How to Increase Your Google Drive Storage Through G Suite

How To Upgrade G Suite Plan

  • Sign in to your Google Admin console using your administrator account. You get this account once you buy a G Suite Basic Plan.
  • Go to Billing in the Home Page.
  • Under Available upgrades, choose the one you want.
  • Click on Get started.
  • If you have a promotional code for discounts, you can enter it.
  • Click on Continue.
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Well, after that you will have to agree to the terms and conditions, and you can enjoy the G Suite as per your need.


Add Storage Licenses to the Admin Console

You can add a license if you are okay with the services that Google G Suite Basic has been providing you and all you want is some extra storage for multiple users. The prices range, from $4.00 per month for additional 20 GB to $1430 for 16 TB storage.

A costly alternative to the Business and Enterprises plan, this one suits more prominent companies who want to provide premium storage for a lot of employees.

The Steps to Add a License to increase your Google Drive storage are as follows:

  • After signing in to your Google Admin console with your administrator account, go to Apps> G Suite.
  • Sign in using an administrator account.
  • Click on “Add Services.”
  • Choose the Google Drive Storage and click on “Add it Now.”
  • There, you will receive information about the pricing and payment gateways depending on when you are reading this article.
  • Add licenses.


Let Users Buy their Own Storage

You can also let individual people in your team buy their storage as per their specific needs. This storage they buy can’t be transmitted to other accounts. Moreover, if you are an organization, you have a say on whether the data in the individual account belongs to you or your employee.

Here is the process for letting users in your enterprise buy their own storage.

  • First, turn on the individual storage service in the Google Admin console
  • After that, users can sign in to their Managed Google Account
  • Finally, they can go to Drive Storage and see the options and pricing
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The price ranges from 100 GB for $1.99 per month to 30 TB per month. As you can see, if the employees buy their own storage; however, with a shared account of an organization, the organization can cancel the subscription anytime.

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