G Suite Basic Plan for Business – Why is it Better Than Gmail

G Suite Basic Plan for business – Why is it better than Gmail

To give your business emails a professional look, Google has introduced a new web application; G Suite. The G Suite basic plan gives access to Gmail on your domain with 30GB storage per user charged $5 per month. G Suite is a quiet powerful application and gives access to Google docs, Calendars, Sheets, Slides, Hangout and Google Plus.

We have been using Gmail for our business mails which doesn’t look professional such as:

The email box of your preferred domain may take some time for you to get accustomed to but with G Suite, you can work freely with your emails as you could with Gmail. G Suite is a business collaboration of Gmail giving you access over all other apps such as maps, forms, sites etc.
You can buy your business domain from IT Solution and then you will need just one step to set up G-suite. To use G Suite, the user shall pay a nominal fee of $5 every month for basic version.

G Suite Basic Plan for business

Reasons why you should move to G Suite

Now that it is clearly understood about G-suite, let us look at the additional benefits of G-suite:

Document ownership

All the business files including the documents and spreadsheets can be created using Google Applications such as Google docs, spreadsheet and thus these documents are owned by the company. The owner of the business can make it mandatory for all their employees to back up their work-related documents to Google drive as G-drive is linked with cloud drive such as drop box. This is an important as when the employee resigns, others can still have access to all the business documents.

Extra security

G Suite basic plan provides you with extra security which can be provided to all the users. Two step verification process is particularly important while backing up information as sometimes sensitive data may be synced which requires some privacy. Extra security is important when an employee logs into G Suite through a new device or a unknown computer.

Easy to share documents

When all your employees have access to G Suite, they can easily share documents through a few clicks.

Group Email Address

You can send multiple emails to multiple groups through G Suite along with enrooting these emails. You can create as many groups as you want and there is no cost incurred for creating groups.

File Storage

G Suite gives you a storage of 30GB while google drive gives you a default storage of 15GB.

Displays company’s logo

G Suite basic plan gives you an option of displaying your company logo instead of having the Google logo at the top of the screen.

Customer Support

G Suite provides 24*7 customer support for phone, emails and chat which is not provided for free Gmail.

SMS Notification

G Suite sends you SMS notification about work related appointments through Google Calendar.

Shifting to G Suite basic plan can be a good option if you are looking out for business email collaboration with document sharing.

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