Go Digital Programme

Go Digital Programme

The Go Digital Programme was recently announced in Singapore at the Budget 2017. While experts have said that the launch of this programme will be very helpful for companies in helping them to build digital capabilities, the budget of $80 million may not be quite enough.

Go Digital Programme

The Purpose

The purpose of the Go Digital Programme is to help Small and Medium Enterprise Companies, also known as SMEs, use digital technology to build stronger capabilities in the technology industry and participate in the Digital Economy. While there are many business in Singapore that have already gone digital, there are some that still require assistance and that is what this programme aims to help these SMEs achieve.

Stronger capabilities in this instance include data protection, cyber security, data analytics and leveraging on data as an asset.

With the Go Digital Programme, SMEs are able to use pre-qualified solutions that have proven to be beneficial and get the dedicated advice they need to implement impactful technology. The Go Digital Programme will also help SMEs take part in pilot technology projects for emerging technology solutions. With the programme, SMEs will be getting an over $80 million allocation to help them go digital.

What the Go Digital Initiative Will Do

Part of what the Go Digital Programme will encompass is building an SME Technology Hub which will be set up by the Information-Communications Media Development Authority in Singapore.

The SME Technology Hub will complement the already existing network of SME centres. Business will be able to get free advice and access to information on government schemes with these hubs.

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Firms who are also in need of more specialised advice will be able to do so at these new technology hubs. The hubs will help to fill in the gap in the industry and provide a one-stop solution for SMEs that may be in need of help to go digital.

Will the Go Digital Programme Be a Success?

The Go Digital Programme will definitely be beneficial for SMEs to take their business into the next phase and venture into the digital world. The government, however, may need to consider expanding it if the programme manages to garner the positive responses it targets to.

The success of the programme will depend on the resources that the relevant agencies involve in this programme have to contribute. The programme will help SMEs to stay competitive, which is what they are going to need to stay ahead in today’s competitive business world and tougher marketplace.

For this programme to be truly successful, SMEs too must do their part in this programme. SMEs must be willing to change, even though running a business is a full-time job which keeps everyone involved busy. SMEs must have the time to dedicate their time, and commit to adapting and changing.

Making the Go Digital Programme a success in Singapore is a group effort. The business world is one that is constantly changing and evolving, and if SMEs don’t make an effort to stay ahead of the game, they risk falling behind. Keen to know more? Contact Us.

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