Managed Services Checklist

Managed Services Checklist

managed services checklistOne of the most important items to consider when running a business is the business’s IT infrastructure. Chances are many companies are outsourcing their IT services. If you are in the market for a managed services provider, it is important to find a Managed Services Provider you can trust. It is always important to know the factors to consider when choosing an MSP. There is a slew of different factors to consider where your company is on the managed service needs spectrum.

The checklist below will provide you with a comprehensive guide when you are researching the options for managed services.

  1. Conduct due Diligence Background Check

Having a due diligence check on the vendor, be it its financial track record, or their working experience with other companies, or their reputation in the industry, are crucial when you are shopping for the right service provider . Often, this can be verified through documents such as financial statements, annual reports, press releases, and analyst articles.

  1. Look for customer testimonials

When it comes to business, be it large or small, the success of the business depends largely on word of mouth. We can say that testimonials and endorsements from satisfied customers are important sources of reference. Chances are customer testimonials can help to layout the different aspects of the partnership, from quality of work, response time, expertise, to vendor/client relationship.

  1. Check the Staff Competency and Skillset

Staff competency is always the most-evaluated item in vendor selection. You will want to make sure that the Managed Service Provider you appoint to handle your business or IT function is highly competent and well trained. Please note that certification levels or staff size cannot guarantee competency, but their performance and reputation will spell their credibility and competency.

  1. Check the service provider’s local presence

Another factor that may have a weight in your search in finding the right Managed Service Provider is the location factor. Location is an important point when on-site assistance is required. Though managed services support can be done (and most of them are done) remotely, getting know your vendor’s closest location to you is the consideration point that you should not have overlooked. It is because this will affect their on-site response time and on-site technical assistance.

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On a final note, efficiency, budget consideration, skillset, reputation as well as their response rate, are the crucial items that may factor in your decision in vendor selection. Getting a true partner to take care of your IT needs will bring your business to the next level. If your selected Managed Service Provider fulfils all the criteria mentioned above, you are on the right track to a good partnership.

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