Singapore G Suite Pricing: Things to Know Before Paying

Know Which Singapore G Suite Pricing Works Best for Your Business Activities

Singapore G Suite Pricing: Things to Know Before PayingSingaporean techies would tell you that Google has indeed made another breakthrough with cloud computing, thanks to G Suite. While it’s basically free for the most part, G Suite’s premium features like custom email addresses and unlimited cloud storage aren’t. Business, in general, would highly benefit from these amenities, so if you’re making it big in the Lion City, maybe it’s time to avail these plans. In this article, you’d know more about Singapore G Suite Pricing and determine which plan suits you best.

Whichever plan you choose, Google guarantees to provide the important G Suite apps and a 100% support from the technical team. This includes courtesy service calls and opportunities to utilize the service anywhere and anytime.


G Suite Pricing: BASIC – US$5 MONTHLY or US$50 YEARLY

If you’re running a small business or feeling hesitant of going all the way, you may try G Suite Basic first, 14 days free trial. This Google bundle costs $5 monthly yet it offers its users a premium version of email use and management already.

If you are an independent professional or SME’s, then you can expect new business standards to come your way. This plan serves as a small investment to show your business partners and clients how serious and professional you are with your business. It also helps manage your business emails in a well-ordered and well-organized manner.

You can keep vital Google Apps for work such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Keep, Hangouts and many others. As for cloud computing, G Suite has a computerized billing system for more accurate pricing.

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G Suite Pricing: BUSINESS – US$10 MONTHLY

If you are feeling more confident and established with your corporate endeavours, you may kick things up a notch. Upgrading to G Suite Business provides you with additional benefits: Team Drives, Vault, Cloud Search and Unlimited Drive Space. Comfortably priced at $10 per month, it also comes down to pro-rating on monthly authorizations and discounts.

To explain further, the Business bundle contains all the necessary add-ons you’d expect from G Suite. For one, it includes unlimited usage of all features and storage on Gmail, Google Drive, and the central business apps. It also has an audit reporting system and innovative software engineering for archiving purposes.

This Singapore G Suite pricing plan is perfect for medium or fast-growing businesses. Small yet data-centred business can also gain by adding incremental investment to ensure effective security and processing.

While there are a number of different upgrade price deals for G Suite Business, there’s usually no discount for yearly commitment.  However, there are a few Google Cloud partners who provide discounts, especially after switching from Google direct or another reseller. Take note that partners may offer a contractual agreement for this.



Know Which Singapore G Suite Pricing Works Best for Your Business ActivitiesA huge leap from $10 to $25 seems unreasonable, but G Suite Enterprise is only for the faint of heart. It’s actually more practical to go all the way and maximize Google’s features than settle with certain limitations. If you still think this is an insane choice, then read further we talk about its additional amenities.

There’s an improved video meeting which includes features like access to dial-in, ability to record meetings, and capacity to increase participants from 25 to 50. For huge companies with mostly remote partners or shareholders, this may tremendously help them.

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G Suite Enterprise has enhanced security measures as well. This includes data loss prevention for Gmail/Drive, ability to use S/Mime Certificates, and security key enforcement. You can also integrate a third party for e-discovery or archiving purposes.

At present, Google Cloud and its partners are already putting discounts on the enterprise version. They are also working on incorporating new features to justify the high price tag further.


Know More About G Suite

Google offers three versions of G Suite, all of which with varying personalization and administrative features. They function independently from each other, which entails that every plan will suit your business endeavours. Don’t use free Gmail as your company email address, learn why is it G Suite Basic Plan for business better than Gmail for your business.

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