What Is Network Solution Services

What Is Network Solution Services

What Is Network Solution Services

For those of us who are not in the IT Services industry, the world of computer networking can be a complex thing to understand. What is meant by computer networking? And for that matter, what is a network service solution and why – if we are running a business or a company of our own – would we be in need of this service?

Network solution service is explained as the application which is running at the network application layer and above. This is what’s responsible for providing data storage, communication, manipulation, presentation or any other capability, all of which are often implemented by using a client-server or peer-to-peer architecture based on application layer network protocols.


Client and Server

Each of this service is usually provided with a server component which will be running on one or more computers. Client and server computers can both run on the same machine, although there is often a dedicated server computer which offers multiple services.

Although a network solution service might just be part of an application, the service is often presented by a standalone process available for the client or application to connect to. Most network services – such as HTTP (web servers) and SSH (secure shell logins) are often presented to clients as a way for them to access specific functions on the server.

As clients connect to these services, that would be considered as an application, which is in this case, controlled by a person. A web browser or secure shell client would be the applications that use these network solution services.

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In Conclusion

Network services, in short, are described as the capability that facilitates a network operation. Typically again, this would be provided by a server – which can either be running on one or more services – which are based on a network of protocols running at the application layer in an open systems interconnection (OSI) model of network. Other familiar examples would be domain name systems (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Network solutions services will be the one which is responsible for contributing to the behavior of the higher layer service, which is characterized by at least performance, security specifications and dependability. This entire end-to-end network service behavior is the result of a combination of the individual network function behaviors, and the behaviors of the network infrastructure composition mechanism which all work together to bring you network solutions services .


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