Reasons For Running CDN With Your WordPress Site

Maximizing Content Delivery: There Are Benefits in Running CDN with Your Website

Reasons For Running CDN With Your WordPress Site Running CDN (Content Delivery Network) on your website is an actual necessity, with billions of Internet users surfing the net. For instance, when you visit a website, it loads content from its server. Normally, when servers render the pages, they slow down a bit. This may not affect you that much when you’re the only one browsing that site. But what if there are a million users viewing that site? Of course, this will bug the server, making it slower and more unresponsive.

There are more reasons to consider when running CDN with your WordPress site. They are all beneficial in keeping your readers a bay. So don’t let your great content be left and ignored due to server failure. Instead, think about running CDN to reach out effectively to your audience.


Faster Loading Speed

Distance strongly affects your users’ loading speed. Basically, the more proximate your users are to the server, the shorter time it will take to load pages. When your target viewers are really far from your server, you wouldn’t reach them easily without a CDN. It’s even harder when your readers are scattered all over the world.

When you’re running CDN, you can set up as many servers as possible in different geographical locations without trouble. It’s as if anybody who hits the website is physically close to one of the locations, even though they are not.


Quicker Web Development

To improve your website’s performance, you need to go the extra mile by executing some actions. These include adding tools like image optimization plugin, content minification and combination plugin, static and active content caching plugin, and other WordPress enhancement tools.

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What a CDN does is it performs all of these operations in one go, as everything has been incorporated already. There is no need to look separately anymore.

Other options like Custom Content Caching Rules can also fix any issue you’re having with specific plugins on your site.


Protection Against Traffic Based Attacks

Whether it’s on the road or online, traffic is one of the worst things you experience on a daily basis. It’s way worse when somebody acted maliciously by sending so much traffic on your website. Is it possible? Yes, it is.

There are groups of web servers, computers, or even IoT devices that deal Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on any website. They do this for a lot of reasons, but ultimately, your users suffer tremendously due to this amount of traffic. A DDoS may prevent them from accessing your page. If you are conducting business on your website, then you’ll be in bad shape.

However, there is good news. A CDN can absorb this nasty traffic on a global scale, defending you from DDoS attacks.

Also, most CDN’s apply a reverse proxy to recover content on behalf of a client from one or more servers. Eventually, these resources return to the client, seeming as if they are from the server itself. The reverse proxy will then be the CDN server network.

This system lets CDN prevent malicious traffic before it gets to your server. CDN’s have logical and intuitive algorithms which are able to classify bad DDoS traffic and eliminate it.

Maximizing Content Delivery: There Are Benefits in Running CDN with Your Website


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Easy to Integrate

Running CDN with your WordPress is so easy! Its simple file design makes it very convenient to integrate.

Actually, there are a whole bunch of CDN plugins available at the WordPress Directory. There are also providers who offer their own web development services which you can simply avail.

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