What is Google Business View?

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View is basically a tool that allows users to provide What is Google Business View?website visitors a 360° virtual tour and an interactive experience that can allow them to connect with businesses in an engaging way. The tool allows users to bring their business to life (loosely speaking) by allowing users to step inside a virtual representation of their brand no matter where they are. A Google Virtual Tour can basically do wonders for a business by showing people an inside and personal look at what you have to offer and how your business differs from your competitors’. In other words, you can turn your users into customers faster by giving them a firsthand look at what you have to offer.


How it Works and Benefits

Google Maps Business View is basically a natural extension of StreetView and incorporates the cutting edge experience it offers to bring your customers inside your business 24/7 and all year round. So whenever they search you out using Google Maps or from your Google business listing, they can get a personal tour of your facilities without actually being physically present. With our Google Business View IT services, you can also embed your own virtual tour into your website and Facebook page via a short HTML code and link it to your email.

Besides a complete tour, Business View has some more benefits that can increase your business exposure like never before:

  1. 10 point of interest images that are sent to G+ Local Business Page and also populate the carousel when your business is being searched on Maps.
  2. The application is hosted in the business account rather than by photographers.
  3. The images are spot checked by Google to ensure the highest quality ones are used and if not, it will ask the owner to re-shoot. This will only benefit you since Google knows users stay on pages that have high res images.
  4. You can use the images free of charge any way you like as long as you stick to Google’s terms and conditions regarding its Map API.
  5. You can embed Business View into your social media page such as Facebook as well as any domain that has the ability to support HTML iframes.
  6. The rights to the photography that is done to acquire the 360° virtual tour of your business has to be relinquished by the photographer to you making you the sole owner of the copyrights to the images used.
  7. Google Business Views is not hosted on the photographer’s account; it’s hosted on the business’s account to make it exclusive.
  8. Once the photography phase comes to an end, you do not have to contend with any additional costs, reshoots, maintenance or ongoing charges.
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Even though it seems as if Business View is very similar to Google Views, it cannot be more different. The latter has been designed for hobbyists, photographers and enthusiasts who mostly use Android phones to capture and save images. It is possible to take enough images to create a Google Business View experience using professional equipment but these will remain the property of the photographer who has the right to delete or reuse them in whatever way he/she chooses.

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