How to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to Your Site

How to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to Your Site

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 How to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to Your Site

How does a business thrive? Especially in the cut-throat world of online business. Literally millions of companies new and old, giant and start-up, tech-based or not are making their presence felt in the digital world in more ways than one. Even your friendly local bakery now has an online shop.

Grabbing your customers’ attention is easy enough. With a good product backed by an eye-catching web design and a user-friendly interface, throw in a few discounts and you have got yourself a buyer. But how do you keep them coming again? And again, and again, and again?


Tips to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back


  • Be Everywhere.

With so many social media outlets nowadays, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to putting yourself out there. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and many more. Heck you can even use WhatsApp and group all your existing customers together and make promotional events or special discounts that much easier to announce. You can make your business, figuratively speaking, be everywhere all at the same time. And the best thing is, most of these social media outlets if not all, are not that costly to run. Some are even free!

  • Be Active. Update Regularly.

Repetitions can be dull and boring so make sure you update your website and post on your social media regularly. Show your existing and potential customers that you are always at the ready to serve them. Reply to comments and private messages as promptly as you possibly can. Be courteous, be friendly and be passionate in your posts and replies. Approach the idea of revamping the design of your website to keep it fresh without affecting the user-friendliness of the flow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new designs and bold colors. First impression is very important.

  • Less is More. More is More.
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There’s nothing more eye-catching to a customer than the word DISCOUNT. Half off on all items storewide! That should get their wallets shuddering with excitement. The lower the price you can give, the more they will buy. But sometimes it’s not just discounts that they’re after. A little bit of customer care goes a long way. Show that you care and not just in it for their money. Put in more effort in making sure that the customers get the best possible value from their purchase. In short, all they want is something they can’t get anywhere else. Be it a bargain, an extended warranty or other value-added services.

  • Go the Extra Mile.

Keeping in touch with your existing and potential customers is very important. So many businesses even big brand names don’t put enough emphasis on this. In 2001, Steve Jobs shocked the business world by opening Apple’s first official store. A physical store (and a magnificent one at that) when all of Apple’s competitors are moving their business online in order to cut cost and maximize profit. Why did Steve go backwards? It’s because he passionately believes in that “human touch” and how powerful a face to face interaction can be. You can emulate this by always keeping in touch and following up with your customers. Even after you’ve made the sale.

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