Measure Your Success with Web Analytics

Measure Your Success with Web Analytics


Measure Your Success with Web AnalyticsAnalytics and How It Can Help Transform your Business

Web analytics helps deliver data about your website, your visitors and their behaviour. With this, you will be able to measure and gauge what’s working and what isn’t, and improve your website’s overall performance and conversion rates. Once you start tracking where your visitors are spending their time and how they are finding your website, you can better understand the keywords and content you need to make your website more successful. You can also track where and how your traffic converts to sales leads, and where those leads come from. Analysing your website’s performance can be overwhelming in the beginning. To put this simply, it is data on:

– Who visits your website.
– How they got there.
– What they did once they landed there.
– Where they went afterward.


A Strong Online Presence Can Be the Key to a Business’s Growth

Choosing which web metric should you focus on depends on the kind of business you’re running and what you want to achieve via your website, but as a general rule it pays to keep an eye on the below data for a good overview of your website usability, traffic sources, visitor profiles and conversion statistics. A strong online presence can be the key to a business’s growth with increased exposure and better communication with potential and current customers alike. With great free tools such as Google Analytics there is every reason that any business no matter the size shouldn’t be using some form of web analytics programme to measure the success of their digital strategy. In the current environment, it’s a forgone conclusion that effective marketing depends on good web analytics. The cost and effort of finding the right one and configuring it to your particular business needs will pay you back in spades. Once you’ve decided on the main metrics to track, you can set up scheduled reports to be emailed to you within a specific time frame. This will remind you to regularly check your website data, so you are aware of any anomalies taking place. If you use Analytics on your web site not only will you find out what works but you will also find out what does not work. This can save you a lot of time and money. You could find that a very competitive keyword phrase that your web site has been targeting converts poorly. This type of information is vital because it allows you to use all your time and resources on bringing in traffic that converts well and improves your bottom line. Keep your analytics profile clean. Examine your data closely. If you are seeing many pages that are actually the same page use filters to provide an easy to understand report. One of the simplest things to do is make sure that you have set a default page.

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Highly Valuable Information

Using analytics you can find out which page from your website is attracting the greatest number of visitors and what keywords and referral sources are used by the visitors in order to reach your page and analyze the popularity of the page. Once you analyse these things you can implement the techniques on the other pages of your website and gain positive results. Another benefit of website analytics to identify which page is generating higher bounce rate and lower bounce rate. Lower bounce rate is important for the success of a website. It can be difficult and overwhelming when beginning those tentative steps in embracing these tools, and some research is needed to see what best suits your business. But remember, these tools give highly valuable information about your customer. It can transform your business so it is worth taking a bit of time to understand them and get in the habit of measuring your web traffic everyday. If you require any help, contact us.

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